About Lisa

Lisa Teaching Tarot

Lisa Teaching Tarot

Maybe it’s an unbiased viewpoint into what’s going on in your life; Perhaps you just need a bit of clarity to help you through a sticky situation, or maybe you’re craving some insight that you just can’t seem to find.. Whatever the case may be, you’d be surprised what a short reading could provide for you. Lisa has been able to “read” energy from as long as she can remember.

Early on she would tune in to it, and at times she would try to brush it off as a “fluke” – but the older she got, the more she realized that too many coincidences were happening to just dismiss things.Instead she embraced the gift, and through tarot cards, began to give readings.

Lisa's office

Lisa’s office

Lisa is a quite gifted healer and reader who has a warm and engaging style. She uses the tarot as a spring board for her intuitive abilities to answer your questions openly, honestly, and compassionately.

Lisa offers great insights to help guide one in their own journey.