When Spirit Knocks You Need To Listen

A few years back I was resistant to change.
I was comfortable but not comfortable in my situation at my private practice.
My higher self and soul knew it was time for me to spread my wings and go somewhere else where I could be true to my calling as a healer but I didn’t want to hear. 

I would literally trip over my own feet and fall in my office space where I would see clients. The messages kept getting louder and louder in a variety of ways until I finally conceded.

I did find a new home for 5 years at a wellness center and then once again messages started to come. Once again I was comfortable but not comfortable at my office. I was starting to seriously think about opening my own healing center but was unsure if I should. Once again my messages started to come.
My key to the office building broke while trying to open the door. I once again starting tripping over my feet and falling in my office space. I kept seeing dragon flies literally hit my window shield of my car during the month of a cool October. Dragon flies for those of you who don’t know symbolically represent change.

I did concede and moved forward with opening The Temperance Center which has been a blessing in many many ways. I have witnessed these knocks or nudges over and over again in my own life, in the lives of clients, of friends, and family. Spirit, our higher self, our angels, our guides. They are all here helping us along our path. When spirit comes knocking, I hope you choose to listen. If you don’t, the knock will get louder and louder until you finally say ok… I get it. I am listening. I will follow your message and trust.

Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master/Hypnotherapist/RYT
Owner & Founder of The Temperance Center
© June 18, 2017

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